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Astronomical domes and observatory automations sytems
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Observatory Automation System
We offer a complete observatory automation system based on ScopeDome Card USB Card. This system together with a dedicated control software (ASCOM compatible) allows to lead remote observing sessions.

Our cards work with most popular weather stations and sensors such as Cloud Sensor (Boltwood, AAG Cloud Sensor, Davis, Heavy Weather).

- Plug And Play Wiring
One of the biggest problem during the construction of own observatory is to combine all the dome's automation components which are necessary for its proper work. Dedicated Plug And Play wiring makes it easier. There is no any knowledge in the field of electronics required to connect all cables. To start the observatory's automatics you should just combine all cables in accordance with their numbers. It takes no more than five minutes.

- Supporting the domes of other manufacturers
Using our control cards you can successfully automate not only ScopeDome domes, but also the domes of other producers, such as: Sirius, Baader, HomeDome  etc. ScopeDome card can control up to three motors (azimuth, main shutter, lower shutter). In addition, our system allows you to control the powering of observatory's equipment (eg. telescope, CCD camera, focuser, lighting, ventilation) using your computer.

- Relay box to control 12V DC motors
DC motors powered by 12V are often used to drive the shutter or rotate the dome. To connect them we recommend to use developed by us RelayBox modules.

- Encoder Module
In the case of minor inaccuracies in mounting the ScopeDome 3M dome we recommend to use an additional encoder module mounted directly onto the motor shaft. This eliminates the need for highly accurate adjustment of the dome's azimuth driving system.
Plug And Play Wiring System
- Block diagram for Plug And Play wiring system
- elements placment: rotary drive
- elements placment: shutter drive
Encoder Module
Relay box to control 12V DC motors
Main shutter
Relay Box Diagram
Low Shutter
Relay Box Diagram
Sample wiring diagrams:

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