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Astronomical domes and observatory automations sytems
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  1. What are the system requirements and with which environment is it compatible with the driver?
    No extra PC is required to run SocpeDome Driver. A standard PC with Windows XP, Service Pack 3 and .Net Framework 3.5 is enough. An USB port is necessary to use a driver card. Detailed instruction how to install the program is published at Download.
  2. What kind of astro software was used to test ScopeDome Driver?
    The ScopeDome driver cooperates with all software based on ASCOM platform. It was successfully tested with MaxImDL ver. 4 and 5, The Sky 6, Poth (ASCOM).
  3. Does the driver signal power break warning?
    At the moment the driver does not provide such option. We may suggest using standard UPS software.
  4. Does the driver provide hardware notification of Park Position?
    Yes it does. To determine a scope’s position you shall install optional contactron connected at suitable position on a scope's mount. This option is only available in RollOffRoof version.
  5. Is the card equipped with limits switches?
    The Driver has two outputs for limits switches to roof engine and shutter engine.
  6. What the power source is required for dome?
    ScopeDome USB Card needs a few wats, the dome motors (rotation and shutter) gets 90W of power for each one ( 2x AC230V/90W ).
  7. What is the precision of dome position setting?
    Dome position setting accuracy is approximately 1cm (30” arc).
  8. What is the time of dome’s full rotation?
    Full circle takes approx. 4 minutes.
  9. What force is required to move the dome manually?
    The dome can be easily put into rotary motion with a force of 3kg.
  10. What is the dome’s and its equipment weight?
    Fully equipped dome weights aprox. 200kg.
  11. How many persons can transport the dome?
    To transport a whole dome four persons are enough, but it’s more comfortable and safe to handle with a help of five. In case you transport a dome in pieces, only two persons are enough. The heaviest part weights 60 kg.
  12. What kind of car is nessesary to transport the dome?
    Minimal requirement is any station wagon car with a carriage of 3,5 m length. More effective is VL LT 35 with a carriage. In case you want to transport a dome as a whole, a special permission is required (price aprox. 2 Eu/km).
  13. What are the dimensions of dome’s elements?
    The dome shall be folded down for transport. Big side elements shall be put together and the shutter with back panel of the dome go inside the space formed by side elements. This kind of set can be placed on a carriage. The rest of elements (small dimensions) can fit a wagon car.
    Shipping dimensions: (in cm)
    Itemsheight widthlength
    Side panel2220100280
    Shutter 1 230 120 60
    Back panel 1 235 105 70
    Front panel 1 90 130 35
    Drive’s back ring 1 130 30 30
    Base Ring 4 55 195 12
    Handles 8 30 15 15
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