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Astronomical domes and observatory automations sytems
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ScopeDome Testimonials

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We sold almost 500 domes so far. They are installed in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and both Americas. ScopeDome generally doesn't sell directly to the end users. We usually cooperate with the biggest astronomical shops in a given country. We are focused on the production, remote service and consulting issues.

We invite you to visit us in Słupsk where we can demonstrate our products at the production stage. We will clarify all the details associated with construction of the observatory or adapting the existing building to put the dome on. If you would like to add a link to your observatory based on Scopedome products please contact us by mail or phone.

ScopeDome Team

Poland - School observatory near Łódź
3x4M dome in La Silla ESO observatory - ExTrA
3x4M and 55M dome in Chile - photogallery
UAM Panorama
55M Dome - Astrocamp UAM Uniwersity of Poznan.
Look at additional video or photo-gallery from dome installation.
55M Israel
55M Dome - Dept. of Astronomy and Astrophysics and the Wise Observatory - Israel.
55M Dome - Austria
55M Dome in Germany - assambled by Nimax - on linked page you can find a perfect photo report how to build 55M observatory.
55M Germany
55M Dome on University building in Latvija - assambled by SIA „Latvijas Energoceltnieks”
AMOS 5.5M ScopeDome
55M Dome - AMOS Observatory - Austria Video from AMOS Observatory assembly
ESA - Spain
3M Dome - ESA headquarters in Villanueva de la Cañada
3M Domes - SMAP - Sacramento Mountains Astronomy Park ltd - Live Cam
3M Dome - Australia
3M Dome in IRIDA Observatory - Bulgaria

The domes assembled by Dome Parts Gmbh

55M dome in Isartalsternwarte- photogallery
3M dome on balcony in Stadt - assembly blog Prototype 3M Dome ver 3.0 on AME 2013 Exibition in Germany
Over garage dome - assembly blog 3M dome in the garden - assembly blog
3M dome in Bergen - assembly blog 3M dome on the high roof - assemly blog
3M dome in Koblenz - assembly blog 3M dome in Boppard-Bucholz - assembly blog
55M dome in Gymnasium Lippstadt - assembly blog 3M dome in Midi-Pyrénées - assembly blog
3M dome in der Schweiz - assembly blog 3M dome in Saint-Tropez - assembly blog
Bernd Hartwig - 3M dome in garden - assembly blog Gymnasium Neufahrn - 3M dome - assembly blog

Private customers realisations

3M dome in Malesia 3M dome in Malesia
3M dome in USA 3M dome in Spain - Antares Observatory
3M dome in Gunter Le Beer observatory 3M dome in Spain - Francisco Gomez Observatory
First 3M dome in Japan ( May 2016 ) - assambly blog 2M dome in France Bransles
Koszalin Leszno Kraków
3M Dome - Koszalin - Poland 3M Dome - 4 Leszno Poland 3M Dome - Kraków - Poland
Szwecja CoronaBorealis
3M Dome - Sverige 3M Dome - Netherlands - Corona Borealis Observatory
Solaris2 Grecja
3M Dome - Solaris II - Krakow Poland 3M Dome - Grece
SMAP USA AstronomyPark Spain
  3M Dome - SMAP - New Mexico USA 3M Domes - AstroCamp - Spain
3M Dome - HTT - Germany 3M Dome - HTT - observatory assembly story
MIMO 1 Czechosłowacja
3M Dome - Henry Bolgehn - Germany 3M Dome - Czech Republic
Michele Brusa Paolo Lazarini
3M Dome-Michele Brusa - Italy 3M Dome - Paolo Lazzarini - Italy
Jan Sonnvik Paolo Lazarini
3M Dome-Jan Sonnvik - Sveden 3M Dome - Stefano Montanaro - Italy
Lyra Musialik
3M Dome - Slovenia 3M Dome - Maciej Musialik - Poland
Tailandia Leszno Kraków
3M Dome - Tailand Exhibition 3M Dome - France 3M Dome - Hotel in Turkish
3M Dome ver 3.0 near the Castle Hohenzollern - Germany 3M Dome ver 3.0 demo observatory in Slupsk, Poland
3M Dome ver 3.0 - Belgia 55M Dome in Rosja - video from dome assambly - (Link)
4M Dome Astropalma Poland Hel
4M Dome - Astropalma - Spain 3M Dome - Hel - Poland
4M Dome Rene Paolo Lazarini
4M Dome - René Rogge - Germany 3M Dome - Vittorino Suma - Italy
Sample 4M domes from Poland - Astrobaza Project
4M Dome Rene Paolo Lazarini
4M Dome - Astrobaza Gniewkowo - Poland 4M Astrobaza Dobrzyń nad Wisłą - Poland
4M Dome Rene Paolo Lazarini
4M Dome - Astrobaza Świecie - Poland 4M Astrobaza Unisław - Poland
4M Tajlandia Germany - Mimo Observatory
Norway's largest astronomical telescope

4M Dome Tajlandia  
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