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Astronomical domes and observatory automations sytems
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2020-05-27 Welcome to the online store.
2020-01-07 New price list for 2020 year.
2017-12-07 New price list for 2018 year.
2016-10-12 New Driver version 5.1.35
2015-11-15 Please refer to the new price list for our products.
2014-07-21 New Driver version
2014-05-05 New LocalServer ScopeDome Driver version
2014-01-01 Over 250 observatories on the world equipped with ScopeDome domes. The most interesting pictures can be seen at: Testimonials.
2013-12-31 We have published new astronomical calendar for 2014 with beautiful pictures of the sky
taken by Dominik Wos.
2013-11-01 The new version of the dome. More information can be found at: ScopeDome 3M v 3.0.
2013-04-15 - the new version of ScopeDome Driver.
  The new version of ScopeDome Driver. More information about the new features can be found at: Download
2010-12-02 The new ScopeDome Driver version - more informations about its new features
and functions here: Download
2010-11-28 We have just added the new products which should help at the observatory's automatization process (more informations here: Observatory Automation System). On Documentation page we have placed a lot of new schemes examples how to use our ScopeDome cards to control the observatory.
2010-07-14 New 4M dome. We are very pleased to announce that in early 2011 our offer will be complemented by the dome with a diameter of four meters.
2010-06-25 New Shutter Drive for ScopeDome 3M
2010-01-26 We are inviting to page with photographs of observatories equipped with ScopeDome domes.
2009-12-02 New version of ScopeDome USB Driver
  A latest version of the ScopeDome USB Driver is accessible. We improved the cooperation of the ScopeDome dome with CCDAutoPilot4 software for automatic observation.
2009-11-14 Quick rotary driver for a dome
Since November 2009 we have introduced into our offer a brand new type of rotary drive for ScopeDome 3M domes. Unlike previous one based on frictional gear, new drive employs a cog-rim co-operating with a polyamide cogwheel. New drives will be installed as standard in all domes, replacing the old solution.
More info on page: New Rotary Driver
2009-11-08 ScopeDome USB Dome Driver final install version  is accessible.
  We are recommending uninstalling of the old software and apgerade to the latest version.
New function
- cooperation with the AAG Cloud Watcher
- corrected synchronization of the dome with the telescop
- the Pier Flip and Oposite Position function (turning the dome away against 180 degrees)
- the telescope position is visible on the radar
- streamlined transport with drivers of the telescope
- logging the state of the observatory to the file
- improved error handling of dome automation
2009-07-22 ScopeDome USB Driver ver. 2.1 reads data from weather stations
  We are happy to inform that we work on additional functions of our usb card and driver - weather station support (temperature, pressure, humidity, raining). Everything should be finished in one month. This solution will let check the usb card-computer connection and finding power failures in the observatory. In the case of any power problems, the observatory will be closed and user will be informed about it. We hope that will make remote observations easier.
Main Screen
The new software version ScopeDome USB Driver 2.1 communicates with the most popular weather - sensor Boltwood Cloud Sensor. It supports experimental cloud sensor designed by ScopeDome and reads weather data from the cheaper (but well working) weather stations supported by Heavy Weather software type. Our software is designed to use any meteorological data which can be saved on computer's hard disc.
Weather Screen
Weather Config

We work as well on replacement of rotating frictional driving system in 3m ScopeDome to traditional driving system based on gearwheel and control it using rotating engine with inverter.

2009-07-15 Plans for 2010 year - new dome 5.5m i 4m
  We realise a very interesting project of 5.5m dome for our Austria customer. This dome will be on our offer at the beggining of the next year. 
We hope that we will be able to participate in the project of building 12 domes with diameter of 4m (3.5m at the base) for AstroBaza Project lead by Mr. Wieslaw Skorzynski from the Marchall Office from city of Torun.
ScopeDome 5.5M

ScopeDome 5.5 View
2009-06-01 ScopeDome USB Dome version  is accessible.
  New features
- test mode: the program simulating action of the card without the controller card in terms of physics connected
- graphical Radar - showing the dome position g cable of the dome
- dome shutter position progres bar
- dome mechanics timeout control
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